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East Texas' Foam Party Extravaganza


What is a Best Day Bubbles Foam Party? 

It's a Gigantic Mountain of allergy-free, super-fun, safe, clean blast of bubbles! It's endless laughter, smiles upon smiles, picture perfect video posts and photo ops to capture the Best Day Ever!

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BEST DAY BUBBLES. 17707 FM 344 W Flint, Texas 75762

Call or Text 903.736.7899

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  • Will a great big mountain of Best Day Bubbles foam in my yard cause a great big mess!?
    Cleanup is a breeze🎈 the foam disappears on its own at the end of the event. The only evidence that Best Day Bubbles was there will be from the many videos🎥 and pictures 📷 you and your guests take. Plus, all your party goers will be talking about how much fun they had for weeks to come 💙 🤣 😍
  • What should party goers wear to a BEST Day Bubbles foam party?
    We recommend light, comfortable clothing, bathing suits 👙or shorts and 👕t-shirts. A quick run through in the foam, and they will dry easily, but someone lingering in the foam will get wet💦 You might suggest guests to bring towels. If planning a COLORED foam party, such as a gender reveal, a white T-shirt will just add to the fun and excitement, as well as provide party goers with a lasting party token 😂😍
  • Is Best Day Bubbles foam safe?
    Yes❗️ ✔️Best Day Bubbles only uses the highest quality foam solution for our foam parties. The foam we purchase from FOAM Daddy is the same foam distributed to various theme parks nation-wide, including Six Flags. It is ✔️bio-degradable, ✔️non-toxic, ✔️non-staining and ✔️hypoallergenic. It is completely safe for kids👫,👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 adults, pets,🐕🐩 and yes, even your grass. We will also rinse your grass 💦when we are ready to leave, and you could run your sprinklers later.
  • Who is the best candidate for a Best Day Bubbles Foam Party?
    Best Day Bubbles foam parties are loved by everyone👨‍👨‍👧‍👧 Children, teenagers, adults of all ages and even your pets 🐶will enjoy a magnificent mountain of refreshing foam bubbles to play in. Neighbors will be stopping by to get a look👀, and social media will be alive with comments🗨️. Spread the love 💙💙💛 Like us on FB.
  • Will the Foam ruin my grass?
    A Best Day Bubbles Foam party🍧 🎈won’t hurt your grass any more than any other water 💦party🎈 such as sprinklers and water slides. Most of the wear on the grass will be from the multiple👣👣 feet in one location. It will quickly recover.
  • How do we prepare Best Day Bubbles before the party?
    ✅ 1. Best Day Bubbles will need access to a water source💦 and an electrical outlet🔌 within about 50 feet of the set-up area. ✅2. If you have pets 🐶you might make a pooper scooper check, just to be safe, as we don’t want any disgruntled😲😝 guests stepping in ‘doggy do’ 😄while running through the foam. ✅3. Coordinate with BEST DAY BUBBLES on your preferred Play List🎵 of music for the party.
  • Will color or UV foam stain?
    Yes ❗️Color Foam Will ✔️ STAIN , however, party goers seem to enjoy making it part of the celebration experience! 😉Asking guests to come in white then sending them home in pink 👚💗 or blue 💙, for example, makes for a great party token to remember a happy occasion, such as a gender reveal 👣, or a pending championship 🏀🏈⚽️⚾️game.
  • Where will Best Day Bubbles set up for the party?
    We can set up on 🏕️grass, ⛳️😂turf, pavement or any flat, level surface free of debris and tripping hazards. We need to be within 50 feet of a water source💦 (standard spigot) and an 🔌electrical outlet. We prefer an area about 20x20 feet, although we can easily fill a larger space.
  • Will Best Day Bubbles bring a Foam pit, or should I throw down a tarp?
    Neither, we don’t bring or suggest a pit, and don’t encourage you to put down a tarp. Best Day Bubbles likes to shoot the foam in an accessible area, where guests are free to run through it, and can easily get out of it. The Foam is very dense and tends to hold its shape; that's part of the fun of it!

If you want to hear, "Best Day Ever!" Then schedule 'Best Day Bubbles' for your next event. Birthday Parties, End of the Year Extravaganzas, Vacation Bible Schools, Ribbon Cutting of Your New Business, Graduation and/or City-Wide Celebrations, Learning Color at Childcare Center

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